New Scouter Award

Sapling Award

sapling The New Scouter Award is given to an adult whose first year in the unit has significantly impacted the youth and adults in the unit

Many new Scouters join a unit and automatically plug in and make significant and lasting contributions, despite being “Green.” The expectation is that they’ll continue to serve in a variety of capacities serving their unit. The Big Cypress Sapling Award is intended to properly recognize individuals new to your unit whose first year of service has had a significant impact on the youth, program, or committee on a unit level. You are limited to one Sapling Award per unit.

Nominees must be currently registered in Scouting and have completed training for their position. Information given should relate only to unit level service. The unit will submit ONLY the nomination(s) to be awarded at the Adult Recognition Event. The unit is responsible for securing the recipient's attendance at the Adult Recognition Event without telling him/her why they are to attend, and inviting enough family and friends to properly honor them.

Nomination Form