Unit STEM Coordinators

Unit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) coordinators are the unit contact person for all things STEM-related. The specific job responsibilities can be flexible depending on unit needs but typically involve:

  • Be knowledgeable about the Nova Awards program
  • Promote the Nova Awards program at unit meetings to the Scouts and parents/leaders
  • Help Scouts with ideas on how they can earn the Nova and Supernova awards
  • Work with leaders (youth and adults) to add fun STEM activities to meetings and outings or STEM moments
  • Be aware of all STEM and Nova activities offered by local, regional and national Scouting organizations
  • Be aware of STEM programs offered by local non-Scouting partner organizations
  • Connect youth with a Nova counselor or Supernova Mentor
  • Ensure awards are recorded and presented.

The unit STEM coordinator should learn about the Nova program, or take BSA’s online training. Unit STEM coordinators should be trained as a STEM Nova counselor and preferably as a Supernova mentors.

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Pack Coordinators


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STEM Coordinator

Pack 3  
Pack 15  
Pack 28 Jamie Nguyen
Pack 33  
Pack 156 Sruti Ramaswamy
Pack 271  
Pack 329  
Pack 438 Barry Mayers
Pack 533 Paul Williams
Pack 537  
Pack 573  
Pack 831  
Pack 978 Derrick Brown
Pack 1100 Jennifer Lundberg
Pack 1179  
Pack 1212 Yvonne Scordato
Pack 1478  
Pack 1533 Lisa Anne Mueller
Pack 1537  
Pack 1847  

  Troop Coordinators



STEM Coordinator

Troop 10 Chris Kubiak
Troop 44  
Troop 179  
Troop 246  
Troop 271  
Troop 533  
Troop 573  
Troop 658  
Troop 846  
Troop 901  
Troop 939  
Troop 1014 Jennifer Lundberg
Troop 1212 Yvonne Scordato
Troop 1478  
Troop 1791 Brandylee Marsh
Troop 1847  

 Venturing Coordinators



STEM Coordinator

Crew 28  Jason Britton
Crew 32  
Crew 451  
Crew 1212 Yvonne Scordato
Crew 1791 Brandylee Marsh


 Ship Coordinators



STEM Coordinator

Ship 846