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Merit Badge Camping Opportunity Event Volunteers

August 15-19, 2018

A troop in the Big Cypress District recently experienced a terrible tragedy during their summer camp. A special camping merit badge opportunity is being held at Tellepsen Scout Camp. For more information, visit www.big-cypress.shac.org/merit-badge-camping-opportunity

Event Staff 

Adults are needed to help with all aspects of this event. Adults must have current Youth Protection Training taken online at www.myScouting.org

Merit badge counselors are needed to run the merit badge classes. Merit badge counselors must be registered with the council and have currrent Youth Protection Training taken online at www.myScouting.org


This is an interest survey only to help with planning.  To register to attend as event staff/volunteers use the link at http://big-cypress.shac.org/merit-badge-camping-opportunity.

Volunteer Camp Staff

Volunteers are needed to make this event a success. 


Merit Badge Counselors


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