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Texting Reminders and Updates 

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Sign up for text messages reminders from the district. Remind is a program that allows us to safely and efficiently interact with Scouters about important district activities. Subscribers sign up and choose to receive messages by text, email, or in their app. Please pass this along to your units and encourage everyone to sign up.


Remind Phone Number: 832-730-4116 for all district codes

General Big Cypress District Info: Text @bcdinfo to 832-720-4116
All Scouters and parents in the district should sign up for general district reminders about training, Roundtable, recharter, district activities and more.

Day Camp Participants and Parents: Text ​@bcdcamp to 832-720-4116​
Parents who will have Scouts attending day camp should sign up for reminders about registration, weather and general camp information and emergency information if needed.

Day Camp Pack Representatives: Text ​@bcdcamprep to 832-720-4116​
Day Camp pack representatives who handle registration for the pack should sign up for reminders about deadlines and information pertaining to registration.

Webelos to Scout Expo Participants: Text ​@bcdwtse to 832-720-4116​
Participants attending the Webelos to Scout Expo should sign up for reminders about registration, weather, announcements, schedules, and emergency information if needed.

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