Unit Adult Recognition Award

Tree of Life

The Unit Adult Recognition Award is given to an adult whose service has enabled unit growth, provided adult inspiration, and positively impacted youth over the tenure served.


Many Scouters have a tremendous impact upon Scouting in their neighborhood, but may not be well known throughout the district. Their work is very important and directly affects the quality of Scouting in our district. The Tree of Life Award is intended to properly recognize individuals who have excelled in serving youth on a unit level. This person is the lifeblood of the unit, without whom, the unit would not be as successful.

cypress tree

Nominees must be currently registered in Scouting and have completed training for their position. Information given should relate only to unit level service. The unit will submit only the nomination(s) to be awarded at the Adult Recognition Event. The unit is responsible for securing the recipient's attendance at the Adult Recognition Event without telling him/her why they are to attend, and inviting enough family and friends to properly honor them.

*Each unit may nominate up to three adult volunteers.

Nomination Form

I nominate the following individual for the Big Cypress District Tree of Life Award.


The nomination should answer questions such as:

  1. What has this individual done for the unit in which they serve?
  2. How has this person helped the boys in the unit?
  3. How has this leader encouraged other adults in the unit?
  4. Would the unit be the same without this person? Why or why not?

Nominator Information

After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.